Eliott on Elliott

Don Elliott Playing His Custom Conn Mellophone
Don Elliott playing his custom Conn bell-front mellophone (Image from middlehornleader.com)


Between 1953 and 1960, readers of Down Beat magazine decided that Don Elliott was the greatest miscellaneous instrumentalist of the time (more info). Now, few remember him, but his unique virtuosity on the mellophone; his gifts as a trumpeter, vibraphonist, and vocalist; and his talent as a composer and producer deserve modern recognition.

I, Eliott Rosenberg, dedicate this website to Don Elliott, the world's greatest mellophonist.

Note: I own neither the images nor the recordings that are on this site. They are the property of their respective owners.

On August 29, 2012, Don Elliott's daughter, Doriane, gave me permission via email to upload tracks from her father's albums. If you own the rights to a track that I have uploaded and would like it removed, please contact me.

Please note, however, that the way in which I reproduce copyrighted works on this website is protected under the doctrine of Fair Use. There are four factors considered in determining whether something is fair use, and this site exemplifies all of them:
  1. EliottOnElliott.com and its contents are intended solely for educational purposes. I make no profit from the site. In fact, I operate at a slight loss.
  2. I consider the nature of the copyrighted work. If a recording is still being distributed by a record company, I treat it more carefully than if it is not (see 3).
  3. If a recording is still being distributed by a record company, then I will only upload short clips from it. However, if the recording is not currently being distributed by a record company, I may upload more substantial portions of it.
  4. I believe that this site will increase the profitability of record companies that distribute recordings of Don Elliott. The entire purpose is to promote his art.
Please note also that I did not upload the YouTube videos that are embedded in this site. They were already on the internet, and I am merely linking to them.

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