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(1975) Rejuvenation

Here are the tracks from the first side of Don Elliott's last feature album, "Rejuvenation." I recorded them off of the album pictured on the far right and used Audacity to remove the popping noises caused by scratches in the record. The album pictured in the center has an interesting autograph that looks to be that of Don Elliott.

"Rejuvenation" was originally released in 1975 on the Columbia label, but it has never been rereleased. I have uploaded only half of the album so that if Columbia (now owned by Sony) decides at some point to rerelease the album, consumers will still have a reason to purchase it. If you would like to hear the rest of the album, I encourage you to purchase a used LP.



Deans Expression



The tracks on the other side of the LP are  "Seven Come Eleven," "Ma Petite Doriane," "Connecticut, the Beautiful," "Bolyero," and "The Last Time I Walked Away." and all of its content are intended solely to educate the public about Don Elliott. Please do not use any of the content on this site for commercial purposes.
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