The Trumpet

In addition to being an incredibly skilled mellophonist, vibraphonist, and vocalist, Don Elliott was a proficient trumpeter. He played trumpet with Benny Goodman in 1952 and frequently demonstrated this skill on his feature albums, such as on "Double Trumpet Doings." As he was a Conn artist, Elliott must have performed exclusively on Conn trumpets. Pete Deloe borrowed one of these instruments from Elliott's family in order to have it serviced. He sent me the following photographs, which show the trumpet following the maintenance. It is a Conn 8-B and therefore must not have been the instrument that Don used for most of his performing career. According to the Conn Loyalist, Conn did not begin manufacture of these trumpets until 1963. The serial number (991xxx) also places the horn around 1963, too late for most of Don's recording, which he did in the 1950s.